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Hello! I have various nicknames, but I go by Sophie at the moment.
-Libra sun--Gemini moon--Pisces rising
-I am a Political Science major, planning to have a focus on law to become a paralegal.
-I'm Wiccan
-I have a love for choir and am willing to give advice when asked (I was a section leader for 3 classes my hs senior year; i have sang alto, mezzo-soprano, and soprano)
-I've been writing for 6 years now and love to edit for my friends (but never for myself!)
-I'm an avid artist, but I'm not too good at it admittedly
-I love to perform, particularly in musicals or plays that really interest me
My DMs are open if you need to talk or if you just wanna info dump on me!

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-I go by the basic DNI criteria, so keep that in mind. I like to have my account as a nice place and will not hesitate to block if you ship ped*phillic ships, etc..

-Just because I'm a Political Science major does NOT mean I wish to debate or discuss politics abruptly. Please at least make conversation with me before bringing it up-- On top of this, I expect it to be civil or else I will block you.

-If you follow me and would like something tagged, PLEASE let me know. DM me, leave a comment, whatever works for the platform you're seeing this on. I always read carrds before I follow so no need to DM me about it unless I slip up and don't tag something/ tag anything incorrectly.

-I will not tolerate racism, sexism, homophobia, or transphobia at all.

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Video Games
-Ace Attorney
-Your Turn To Die
-Vincent the Secret of Myers
-We Know the Devil
-Heaven Will Be Mine
-missed messages.
-Monster Prom
-Butterfly Soup
-Professor Layton
-The Witcher 3
-Until Dawn
-Bravely Default
-Stardew Valley
-Don't Starve
-Life is Strange

-Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
-Gossip Girl
-The 100
-Carmen Sandiego
-The Good Place
-The Witcher
-probably a lot more too

-Swan Lake
-Black Swan (2010)
-Gotham Academy
-Various animes and mangas
-The Witcher Novels
-The Godfather
-Percy Jackson
-Scott Pilgrim
-Classic literature

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(In general, Ace Attorney really is a huge comfort game for me. It helped me get through a part of my life where I felt I was at my lowest again ♡)

Comfort Characters:
-Ranmaru Kageyama
-Joe Tazuna
-Ema Skye
-Donna Sheridan
-Sou Hiyori (Shin Tsukimi)
-Carmen Sandiego
-Klavier Gavin
-Jennifer Check
-Elle Woods
-Juniper Woods
-Kai Satou
-Mai Tsurugi

Comfort Ships:

-Girls Generation
-Chase Atlantic
-Honey I'm Home by Ghost

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Quotes I've said
-"no STRAIGHT but draco edgeworth is hot"

-"Hey if there was a Wikipedia for Wicaa do you think it would be called WICCA-pedia?"

-"pack it up bootleg lana skye"

-"joe tazuna that's it that's the list"

-"why and how did she even think this was a good idea"

-" insert so there's this guy nicki minaj meme 'so there's this prosecutor...'"

-"boutta get really sapphic in here"

-"better be learning about what a majority vote is"

-"i have more bags under my eyes than Sara Chidouin and that's saying a lot"

Favorite Quotes
-"You might have always been good at lying to other people. But we both know very well that you could never do it in front of me."
-- Victor Blake

-"Life doesn't end with the closing of a case. Everyone has to live the rest of their lives with their memories." --- Lana Skye

-"The diva's complaints aside, I can't imagine someone doing this on 'just a whim'." -- Ema Skye

-"Lift your heads up!! We've always done when we've had to do...! No matter how cruel it is, you can't stop!! Kanna, we're not your enemies...! Even if someone is the Sacrifice... We move in the same direction! We talk, and we advance the discussion...!!" -- Sara Chidouin

-“You must always have faith in people. And, most importantly, you must always have faith in yourself.” -- Elle Woods

-"Hatred and vengeance blinded me ... But I shall stand before them in humility. I shall remember the expression in their eyes. I hope the memory of those eyes will stop me making a similar mistake." -- Ciri

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Please tag what I have in bold because they are major for me
-Self Harm
-Descriptions of c//tting
-Pro-Ana or anything related

-I don't do well with yelling or very loud noises (like fireworks, gunshots, loud bangs, etc) , so if we are on VC please keep that in mind.

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